Automatic roll manipulator serving grinding machine

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Automatic roll manipulator serving grinding machine

The purpose of the robot is to continuously feed a grinding machine used for processing the rollers of the rolling mill. The robot has 3 linear axes and is equipped with a double gripper system so as to handle 2 rollers at the same time and quickly change the workpiece change over time. The supply includes a roller screw drive station and a double shuttle system to grant autonomy to the work island.

Main units

N ° 1 portal structures
N ° 1 robot with 3 linear axes
N ° 1 double mechanical gripper
N ° 1 driving station for dragging the bride
N ° 2 superimposed rollover shuttles
N ° 1 command and control unit
N ° 1 set of fences

Technical features


Lenght1.500 ÷ 2.000 mm

Diameter65 ÷ 144 mm

Weightmax. 210 Kg


X – stroke 5.600 mm

Y – stroke 2.500 mm

Z – stroke2.350 mm

Control and power unit SIEMENS


HMIKTP (last generation)

PLC300/1500 series

Servo-motorsSIMOTICS SINAMICS series

Motion controllerSINAMICS S120



Cycle time max. 40 seconds to change the roll on grinding machine

Accuracy ± 1 mm

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