Gantry robot serving furnace for plate quenching process

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Gantry robot serving furnace for plate quenching process

The system consists of 2 units, one for loading plates on an inlet roller conveyor and a system for unloading the plates from the exit roller conveyor from the processing oven.

Each unit is composed of a 3-axis linear robot that moves a gripper gripper.

The plates to be treated are stacked on a base provided with positioning references; the loading robot automatically positions the plates on the entrance roller conveyor, optimizing the spaces and configuring the batch, just as the unloading robot removes the plates from the unloading roller to stack them on a base.

The speed in the operations and the optimization of the spaces on the roller conveyor makes the use of the system highly advantageous.

Main units

N ° 1 portal structures
N ° 1 robot with 3 linear axes
N ° 1 gripper with suction cups
N ° 1 loading base
N ° 1 command and control unit
N ° 1 set of fences

Technical features


Length3.500 ÷ 13.000 mm

Width1.100 ÷ 3.100 mm

Thickness6 ÷ 240 mm

Weightmax. 7.500 Kg


X – Stroke 12.000 mm

Y – Stroke5.000 mm

Z – Stroke2.000 mmr

Power and control unitSIEMENS


HMI KTP (last generation)

PLC300/1500 series

Servo-motorsSIMOTICS SINAMICS series

Motion controllerSINAMICS S120



Cycle time max. 100 secondi

Productivity36 plates/hour positioned

Accuracy± 2 mm (X and Y)

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