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Finned tubes production line


The purpose of the supply is the construction of a copper pipe machining line for the production of fins through a rolling process.

The line consists of a system that feeds a rolling machine automatically with a range determined by the capacity of the supply warehouse.

For a unique management of the whole line the rolling machine is electrically integrated with the automation system.


  • N°1 raw tube inlet station complete with:
    • n° 1 raw tube supply warehouse
    • n° 1 tube singolarization system
    • n° 1 tube positioning system on the runway
    • n° 2 runways
    • n° 2 motorized core rods
    • n° 1 translation system with 3 positions
  • 1 rolling machine with 3 rollers
  • 1 finished tube storage station complete with:
    • 1 runway
    • 1 pinch-roll type handling system
    • 1 finished tube unloading system
  • 1 command and control unit (integrated in the command and control panel of the rolling machine)
  • 1 security protection system


 The entire line is divided into 2 sections. The first section is the section of the loading of the raw tube in a rolling machine, while the second section is the receiving section of the finned tube and consequent storage; between the 2 sections the rolling machine is placed. The loading of the raw tubes and the unloading of the processed tubes is assumed to take place on the front side of the rolling machine.

The raw tube inlet station is a modular electro-welded tubular structure; it is to be fixed to the ground and aligned using adjustment feet. The structure is about 12 meters long to contain both the warehouse and the core rods.

The supply warehouse consists of a chute on which to store the raw tubes, a lever system for separating the single tubes and a pneumatic system for positioning the tube on the 2 V runways of containment and raw tube alignment.

Each runway is aligned longitudinally to the respective hardened core rod fixed at one end to a carriage driven by an electric motor which first pushes the core into the tube and then the tube into a rolling machine.

The length of the hardened core will compensate for the tolerances on the length of the copper tube.

The 2 runways are fixed on a 3-position horizontal translation system which has the purpose of alternatively positioning the 2 runways on the working axis of the rolling machine rollers (3rd  position)

The tube on the runway placed by the translator on the machining axis is also contained by a higher protection.

Appropriate sensors will equip the line to ensure control of operations.

The entire line is protected – where necessary – so as to guarantee the operator’s activity in safety



4.1 Loading of raw tubes

The operator fills with raw tubes the automatic line for the production of finned tubes by placing them on the chute of the raw tube inlet station by placing the ends of the tubes on the rolling side against alignment marks. This alignment allows the tube to be in a suitable position – once transferred on the V-shaped runway- to be crimped by pinch roll rollers. The operation can be performed without interrupting the operation of the automatic line. At the time of loading, the operator is required to introduce the physical variables of the piece in production and the selection of the type of processing (continuous or at intervals rolling).

4.2 Productive cycle

Once the loading operations have been carried out, the line proceeds to move the tubes automatically and the production is approached according to the cycle logic; therefore, each runway may be engaged by a new tube only if the previous one has passed to the next runway.

To define the productivity, it has been calculated that the line takes a total of 50 seconds for the movement to which the rolling times will have to be added, net of the operations carried out in masked time.

4.3 Unloading of rolled tubes

The rolled tubes will be made available to the operator on the chute of the finished tubes storage station; the operator can unload the chute without interrupting the operation of the automatic line.


Length of raw tubes to be moved: 5,000 ÷ 17,000 mm (*)
Rolled tube length max. 19,000 mm
Raw tube diameter: 15 ÷ 51 mm
Rolled tube diameter max. 61 mm
Thickness of raw tubes: 2 ÷ 4 mm
Plant autonomy: 15 tubes of max. diameter
Line productivity: 50 sec. + rolling time for each tube

  (*) Note: the minimum length indicated is guaranteed for an oven with a maximum length of 4 meters.


The proposed plant satisfies the following performances:

  • moves raw and rolled tubes of variable length and diameter
  • performs the rolling machine loading of the raw tube with hardened core
  • pulls the tube continuously or at intervals
  • performs the washing and drying of the rolled pipe
  • performs the loading in the furnace of the tube against the consent of a temperature oven
  • performs the operations described above in a tight cycle
  • performs operations automatically, without human presence with autonomy of max. 15 tubes
  • performs the operations described above in complete safety while keeping the finned tube intact